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What the ?#@$! is Cold Bee Gone?

Cold Bee Gone is an all natural homeopathic remedy, made with Active Manuka Honey, that you swab in your nose to fight cold, flu and allergies.

Why the nose?

Because the nose is a where most germs latch on and begin to replicate, making you sick. It turns out the Nasal Biome is as critical to immune function as the gut yet it is often depleted from antibiotics, modern diet or excessive use of the nasal products which contain alcohol, chemicals or salt. Once the biodiversity is destroyed you can become susceptible to repeated bouts of illness.

Why honey?

Because our super honey blend, which includes raw Manuka Honey, is antimicrobial, soothing, probiotic, prebiotic and helps you retain moisture. It’s also infused with known cold fighting homeopathic ingredients to alleviate active symptoms. All of these things combined are what make Cold Bee Gone so effective at fighting cold, flu and allergies.

Who is it for?

It’s safe for the entire family, over the age of one. Do not use if you have any allergies to bees or bee products. Over 100 doses per bottle!

How to use:

  • Swab up to 3 times per day at first sign of illness.

  • Saturate cotton swab with remedy

  • Gently swab inside nostril in a circular motion

  • Repeat on other nostril with fresh cotton swab

  • Do not insert beyond comfort level

  • Pinch nose gently for a moment

  • Discard used swab

  • Keep remedy in cool, dark location

Product safety and information

Avoid introducing moisture or contaminants to the bottle. This can best be achieved by using a clean, dry cotton swab with each application for each nostril. Your bottle has an expiration date on the label and box. Discard your Cold Bee Gone by the expiration date or if your Cold Bee Gone was exposed to excessive heat or light. Storage guideline listed on package insert. If you are allergic to any honey bee products or bee stings please do not use Cold Bee Gone. If you experience any discomfort please discontinue. Protect all Buzzagogo products from light, heat or moisture. Excessive light and heat can diminish product effectiveness. Raw Honey products have "floaties" or natural particulates in them. This is naturally occurring particulates, yeast or spores that all unpasteurized honey contains. Do not use any raw honey product, such as Cold Bee Gone, with a child under the age of one. Do not ingest Cold Bee Gone. Use only as directed.

The information presented here has not been evaluated by the FDA.

Product contains unpasteurized honey.